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By Jose Dagala, Jr
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 20, 2013
Words: 12,831 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301678297



How to discover the right career path and be successful? How to live a life and be just happy?
These are John’s questions a year ago. Confused and feeling lost, he turned to his former High school Social Studies Teacher in the hope to be enlightened.

The questions stimulated John’s former teacher to start an account of his life’s journey and of those people whom he met and worked with. After putting together all the lessons he uncovered (from his and other people’s lives), the teacher suddenly had a dilemma on how he could present it to John in a way that would tickle John’s imagination and trigger his interest to do his own reflection.

Thanks to the unruffled snail! Yes, a snail! The teacher had found out that the lessons he wanted to share with John and alike about life and success at work were hidden beneath the intriguing characteristics of snails that he saw and observed closely one morning at the garden of his office.
The life lessons that this book aims to teach its readers revolve around the snail and its five characteristics which the author found from his research. As he ventured deep into the comparisons, he discovered the “parallelism between the life of a snail and that of a human being searching for success” to be simply amazing.

It’s The Snail, John! is an attempt to help you look back from as well as forward to your life. The author discussed 5 simple lessons that can guide each of us to stir success and happiness straight to our own doorsteps.

After reading It’s The Snail, John! like the snail, you will realize that true success and real happiness lie within you.

So, just move and grow the snail in you.

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