Tuesday Leadership Quote – Joel Peterson of JetBlue Airways on Leadership & Building Trust

Joel PetersonThe best leaders I know work to build trust over the long term. Rather than accruing and applying power, they distribute it. By sharing the means to make things happen, they create opportunity for, and instill confidence in, the people they lead…

Building trust means becoming a fiduciary – the guardian of other’s interests. It means you are invested in broader goals than quarterly earnings or career advancement, and it requires listening and humility. Like anything worth building, you may not reap instant gratification of quick returns. But people will want to work with you, you’ll get more done over time, and you’ll have a career and a legacy you can be proud of. – Joel Peterson, Chairman, JetBlue Airways, Standford Business School


Source: “What Anthony Weiner Can Teach You About Leadership” by Joel Peterson

Photo: LinkedIn

Jack Welch On Being A Leader

Jack Welch

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. It’s about making the people who work for you smarter, bigger, and bolder. Nothing you do anymore as an individual matters except how you nurture and support your team and help its members increase their self confidence.

Source: “How to Think Like a Leader” by Jack & Suzy Welch http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/

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